Sunday, August 16, 2015

swimming with the ideas

I'm all over the place today, and there's really only one theme. 
I'm feeling inspired. 
Isn't it weird how it just hits you sometimes?
 And there are other times when you feel like you're in a desert of new ideas?
Maybe that's just me. 

Right now I'm wanting to make all the hair bows for Vivi girl before she heads back to school. 

Come up with reasons to make some of these cookies.

Which of course means I'd need to learn HOW to make these cute little guys.

Rearrange all the furniture.
ala Because I Said So

and start a Girls Group
similar to Katie Bower's group she wrote about here

Instead of starting on any of those, I'm going to go dish up dinner for the little ones, clean up the house, and do the bedtime routine. 
The only downside to being super inspired is life kinda gets in the way. 

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