because I can't keep a secret

I haven't blogged in awhile. 
Last night I shared this picture from an epic date

and the news that we have a new baby on the way.

I've been so silent on the little ole blog because I struggle to keep secrets. 
As in don't tell me many. 
I can maybe keep one at a time. 
And I knew two things right off the bat. 
1. I was tempted to share the baby news way before we were really ready to share. 
2. It felt disingenuine to blog without telling any of the real parts of those first weeks.

Like I was feeling sick for awhile.
And exhausted.
And I stopped working out.
And I really didn't like most any smells.
And I found that a Jolly Rancher and a small glass of ginger ale first thing in the morning helped settle my stomach. 

Since D and I have known for awhile that we're expecting some people have been thinking it'll be an April birth, but our little one should arrive this winter-late January or early February. 

And because I can. 
Here's the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. 
And some oversharing random pregnancy info. 

Do you know what you're having?
We are not finding out the gender. 
We didn't find out with either Dean or Viv and it made the labor and delivery portion of this whole shindig super exciting. 
Also, because we didn't find out with either of them we've got a lot of gender neutral items I'm itching to pull out again. 

Where are you going to deliver?
We are delivering with the amazing crew of midwives at Clark. 
Yes, I do understand that the hospital will be approximately 1.5 hours away.
 And it'll be winter so if there's snow...
Let me just say this. 
Neither of the others were quick births. 
At. All. 
And if I'm delivering on the side of the interstate with my rockstar husband aiding me you will all be able to hear the shouts of joy around the world. 
Because seriously a short labor would be a win. 
Even in those circumstances. 

Are you going to take time off?
Yes. This will be a first.
 With both of the others I've cursed our countries' lack of maternity leave options for new mamas.
 They are abysmal at best and have been nothing short of stressful for us in the past. 
This time around, I'm a stay at home mama watching kids in our house each week. 
I went around and around about what to do. 
In the end we've decided that I'm taking 5 months. 
During that time, I'll not be watching kids in the house.
But we will be taking on a full blown renovation project as we have our basement finished and license and charter the childcare business as just that a business. 
We'll be reopening mid summer 2016. 

Are the kids excited?
When we found out we were expecting Vivian, Dean hadn't had his first birthday yet.

I'm not even sure he really knew that there was a new sister in our house for awhile. 
He was mostly concerned with play, play and more play. 

This time around the kids are estatic! 
Give them a moment and they'll tell you all about our good news.

Is Dustin excited?
Ummm. It's odd to me to even get this question. 
But YES, he is! 
Is he looking at baby clothes with me, conversing with me about cloth diapers, or reminding me how wonderful a newborn smells? 
But yes, he's very excited about our newest family member. 

Are you craving anything?
Does water count?
I've been so thirsty this time around. 
I started a challenge to drink 64 ounces of water a day for seven days. I haven't made it everyday, but even well after the challenge I'm drinking right at or under the goal each day without any major changes.
I'm just super thirsty. 

I've just started feeling better the past few weeks. 
I've been cooking actual meals for the family again.
You know instead of cereal dinner. 
I've been working out.
I might share a post about that in the future because it's really different than the pre-baby workouts I was putting in. 
I've been smiling again. 
I'm in maternity clothes.

It feels so good to be past the: I just look like I'm getting fat phase and into the I'm growing a human phase.

We're all smiles over here.
 Thanks for all the well wishes and congratulations- each and every one warmed my heart to the core. 


  1. What adorable pictures. I miss being pregnant and shopping for baby clothes. All those cute little outfits.
    Love to you all. Becca. xxx


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