a completely lazy day

I blame it on the water I set to brew for this morning. 
You know instead of actually adding coffee grounds to the coffee pot I just ran water through.
Or maybe it's because I got so much accomplished earlier this week. 
I'm not sure what the actual cause is, but the truth is...I've been nothing short of lazy today.

I did shower.
And I fed myself and the kids.
I've enjoyed some quality one on one time with both of them.
But not much else has been going on. 
this is me today
I always struggle with the whole you should allow yourself some time off and the never ending feeling of needing to do something. 
The desire for forward progress.

Anywho, since I just put on the husband's old sweatshirt from 2006 I'm thinking that the lazy has won out for good for today.
raggedey old sweatshirt I'm currently snuggled into
And so I'm blogging. 
Lucky you.
It' been so long, and I've missed this outlet so much.

You have no idea.
I'm about to start a list of all the things I've been meaning to tell my readers since the end of spring. 

And get some blog posts up and going. 

I can't wait to get some crafting done for the new season...hopefully before it happens.

I'm also eager to share some of the renovation projects we've started (and will finish this fall). 

And you have absolutely NO IDEA how excited I am about the basement renovation. For real. 
It's the butter on my corn cob, the chocolate in my cookies, the marshmallow at my bon fires. 
I am in love with all the possibilities!

And I can't wait to share it here, with you. All five of you and my mom. 
In the meantime I'm off to snuggle in with the kids, because they really get the concept of relaxing.


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