Thursday, May 14, 2015

whey protein and weight loss update

So the irony is not lost on me that I posted this yesterday
You can find the recipe here

But here's the thing: I am taking this weight loss journey seriously, and I'm still having fun along the way. 

Am I eating the birthday cake I made my husband? Yes, and it was serioulsy so good.  
But am I eating Butterfingers, soda, and sweets all the time?
Am I carbing up in the mornings and snacking all day?
The answer is no. 
I'm working on adding healthier options to our daily lives and I'm avoiding the old sugar hits I was indulging in (daily).

Social media is a great outlet that I'm thrilled to have a small niche in, but it can become a burden when you see all the girls dropping their weight like that (finger snap) and my pounds are slow to go.
At the same time, I know in my heart of hearts that I don't want to drop it fast and try to keep it off. 
I know that behaviorly I need to lose it in a slow and steady way. 
I know that I need lifestyle changes I can be sure to keep up with. 

Now all that is to say: kuddos to you guys who are on extreme diets and dropping massive weight. Kuddos to those of you in crossfit, jazzercise, weightlifting, and the whole Beach Body crew. 
I think you're awesome. 
It's just not me. 

I recently started reading this book 
(I purchased it years ago and never really cracked the cover).
It's about eating healthier, moving around more, and the spiritual connections that a Christian has with food and motivation. 
Admittingly, I'm only in chapter 4, but so far I'm really enjoying the positive read.

I've also made one recent change that has made a difference.
I've switched from enjoying a Slim Fast drink to a whey protein drink two times a day. 
The new drink has oodles of protein and the Slim Fast had hardly any at all. 
Here's an easy to read article about whey protein in Shape magazine. 

My goal is to keep my muscle mass during my weight loss journey. 
And to have my muscle help me burn my fat. 

My current go to drink is to add a scoop of this
Market Pantry® Chocolate Whey Protein Powder - 32 oz

with a tablespoon of natural peanut butter and milk into the blender.
It's satisfying and the peanut butter keeps it from tasting so blah. 
Is it delicious? No, but I am also not dreading it.

I know that I haven't shown any real full front pictures of where I'm currently at in this journey. 
So here you go.

That is all. 

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