cream cheese buttercream frosting

I spent an embarrasing amount of time searching for a buttercream recipe that:
had cream cheese
was not ALL shortening (because really)
and would work well with the ruffles I was hoping to create for the husband's birthday (aka trial run for the daughter's birthday)

Here's what I came up with 
(it was in the comment section of a recipe here)
This recipe allowed me to be generous with the frosting on this two tier cake between layers, a crumb coating, and the final ruffles. 

1/2 lb butter
1 cup vegetable shortening
6 cups powdered sugar
8 oz cream cheese

Mix the butter (slightly softened) and shortening together. Cream until smooth. Turn mixer to low, and add a bit of sugar at a time. After it is all mixed well together, add the cream cheese and mix well. Mix it on medium for about 3 minutes then add the coloring (if you desire) and continue to mix on medium another 2-3 minutes.
Read more here.

This frosting had a cream cheese flavor, but it wasn't overwhelming. It piped really well and didn't melt in the heat of the hot kitchen and piping during the heat of the day. 
It was also surprising light when you ate it. 
I worried that the shortening would leave a greasy feeling and was thrilled that it wasn't the case. 
Moreover, we stored the cake in aluminum foil overnight and it was still great the next day. 


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