Friday, April 17, 2015

wild violet ice cubes for parties

This is our first spring in this house. 
And our yard is full of these lovelies.
I brought the kids out to pick a bowl full with me.
Vivi spent more time eating them than anything else.
Before gathering, I froze water in ice cube trays filling them up half full. 
Then I placed the violets on each ice cube making sure to pull off the stems. 
(The kids helped make the ice cubes and their quality control levels weren't exactly the same as mine, but we rolled with it.)
After all the violets were in, I added more water and pushed the petals down into each cube.
Into the freezer they went.
And after they were solid, I enjoyed a fancy glass of water.
I think these would be perfect for a baby shower, brunch, or bridal shower. 
Crazy easy to create and just fancy enough to make water a special treat. 

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