Friday, April 24, 2015

weightloss journey: more tea, less coffee

Until the other day, I haven't talked much about my weight gain or current weight loss because there's not a lot to say.
I moved a couple of times.
I ate my emotions.
All of them.
I never exercised.
And I sat all day at my job. 
Shall we zoom in a bit?
Shockingly enough I put on about 40 pounds in one calendar year. 
And that's after not losing my baby weight with Vivian.

This winter, Dustin and I have been on a weightloss journey. 
There's been nothing flashy or trendy about it. 
We are excercising. 
A lot. 
He's down 32 pounds. 
look different in the mirror and my clothes fit differently.

What on earth does all this have to do with coffee?
If you've read this blog for long at all you know that I love coffee.

I dedicated a bar to it.

I made my own creamer.
I've taken countless photos of it.

It's kind of rad.
But I quickly saw that it was also a way that I was eating a lot of sugar.
And by a lot I mean A. LOT.

Before we began regular and intense exercise I was really tired. 
So I was drinking an entire pot a day.
That's approximately 4 or 5 giant cups filled with milk and sugar.

Enter the need for a substitute. 
I didn't really want to use an artificial sweetner. They're not my jam. 
So, I added a cup of tea in lieu of my afternoon craving. 

My first tea was this.

And when I ran out I tried this.

And then horror of all horrors, I ran out of that too right around the same time we started meeting with our financial advisor.
whomp. whomp.

And that's when I remembered I had an entire shoe box full of teas in our pantry that needed to be consumed. For real.
So, I'm currently enjoying this.

The best part about this simple switch (besides the obvious calorie reduction) has been a lack of evening jitters. 

The teas I'm drinking still have caffeine. But one cup at 3 pm is all I need for the extra energy without feeling jittery.

I'm also currently digging how fast it is to make a cup and the inspirational sayings on the yogi tea bag tags.

I've even been slipping one or two bags in my purse for church (they serve hot water for tea). 

Do you have a favorite tea I should try once I deplete the current stockpile?


  1. Bigalow brand Lemon Lift is great. :) Love you, Sarah!

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