Thursday, April 2, 2015

recipe challenge- using family recipes

I cracked myself up with my April Fool's joke yesterday. 
Dustin and the kids were waiting for me in the van while I wrote the post, and I tripped climbing in the car because I was laughing like an idiot. 
It doesn't take much apparently. 

Which can be proven by the inordinate amounts of laughing I got from looking at stuff like this

on pinterest via. Just search "laughter".

For those of you that did not read all the way down to the end of the post...
we are not moving to Jersey.
We are working hard on being super boring, responsible adults digging deep into the community we're at. 
And we're loving it. 

Life is full of budget talks, hand scrubbing floors, digging for toads, and wiping noses. 
And it's never been more satisfying. 

I was thinking this afternoon (whilst scrubbing the aforementioned floors) about this blog and I realized that I needed to do an update on the 52 recipe/week challenge. 

Around the beginning of the year, one of the folks I follow on instagram said she was going to be doing a recipe challenge. 
52 new recipes over 52 weeks. 

I thought it sounded like a great idea and jumped onboard.
But like most New Year's resolutions/challenges I've fallen off the bandwagon a few times. 

And I've been even worse about posting it. 
Most of you dear readers have probably forgotten that I'd even set out to do it. 

My first recipe was a yummy homemade pizza dough crust found here

It was delish and really encouraged me to continue.

Next up was a lemon rosemary chicken from Jamie Oliver found here

Followed by an easy Creamy Black Bean Soup found here.

And then I was stumped. 
I don't have many cookbooks. 
Three to be exact.
But the good news is that one of them is this:
Years ago my mom put together a collection of favorite family recipes. 
And the truth is I've maybe made one of them...until now. 

While I haven't been the best at documenting it so far, I have been working my way through the book.
It's been crazy nostalgic and lovely to see, smell, taste, and remember growing up.

 I've also done a few new pinterest meals (3 this week!). 

So all of this is a way to say:

Thank you mom. 

And be prepared for an onslaught of recipe posts.
Because this is one challenge 52 new recipes in 52 weeks that I don't intend to lose out on. 

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