Thursday, April 9, 2015

recipe challenge #4/ chicken and suds

The name is not appealing, and a google search show this:
Abed's grey chicken suds shirt on Community
Abed's grey chicken suds shirt on Community
but so far this is my favorite recipe I've fixed up since the ole 52 new recipes in 52 weeks challange began. 
I mean really beer, tomatos, sour cream and paprika. Delish!

It makes you look like a legit cook.

Bonus win if amazing sunlight is pouring in while your cooking, everyone in your household is in a good mood, and you've got a podcast streaming.

I mean really does it get much better?
Side note: I almost always use frozen, diced onions in recipes calling for onions. 
They are so convenient and a real time saver for me!
 Oh man, this stuff smells so good. 
Usually a recipe that requires an hour and a half of cooking time doesn't work for me, but in this case it's an hour and a half of smelling all this goodness...I can find a way to fit it in. 

Note: I have chosen not to type out the recipe written by my mom, and passed down by my grandma because there's just something extra amazing about reading a handwritten recipe. If you have any questions about it though, leave a comment and I'll be happy to decipher. 

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  1. I could almost smell it while reading! I may have to make some soon, too!


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