Thursday, April 16, 2015

our love story/part 8

Our love story is a keeper. It begins before we met and I pray it'll continue for all of time. 
Someday, I want to be able to look back at the details that have been overlooked when life happens. Because real.

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Catching onto another awkward moment, I was relieved when A. suggested a change of scenery.
 I took in a deep breath of air, and let it out again quickly. 
Yes, I’d be happy to go anywhere.
 What’s that, A. you wanna go to the moon? 
Sure thing.
I knew that if I kept moving I won’t have time to become so consumed by this all consuming man. 

I vaguely heard her say she knew a bartender at a different bar and suggested we head there. D nodded in agreement, I picked up my purse and our odd trio headed outside. Feeling like I didn’t know what to do with my arms and praying my legs would keep me upright, we hailed a cab (no easy task in a small city like Louisville). A and I climbed in the back while D joined the driver up front.
That’s when I saw him in action. 
Both relieved and miserable to be away from his intense gaze, I heard him talking to the driver. His conversation was genuine, not in a driver/passenger sort of way. 
He talked to him like a human. 
Asking him questions, laughing at a story, and leaving the driver feeling like he was a person not a means to an end. 
As we pulled up to the new location, I climbed out onto the sidewalk and D settled up with the driver. When he got out, his eyes immediately sought mine. Good grief he was direct and intense.
Listening to him in the cab ride had given me a balm for the wounds inflicted earlier by the clingy blonde. As we went into the bar and showed our ids, I felt his fingertips on the small of my back.

As we walked into the room, he pressed his whole palm on my back. 
It was gentle and firm. 
A show of intention, and it made me buzz.
 My whole body felt the heat. 

How was I supposed to have a conversation with his hand on me?  
He was guiding me in and A. was talking to him about playing a game. 
I was reeling with the buzz. I looked back at him catching words here and there. 
He flashed a grin at me and I felt like a goner.
 "Hold me up, legs!," I demanded. 

When we got to the back of the bar we stopped in front of a pool table and I realized this was the game they were talking about.

Well crap, this was about to get a lot worse.

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