Monday, April 13, 2015

hair care for little girls

Our little girl has long hair. 
I've only had long hair an adult. 
So, there's been a learning curve for me. 

But over the past year, we've come up with a really solid system to keep the long hair looking good...most of the time. 

1. Don't wash it every day. 
If you're doing a lot to the hair each day it can become a source of frustration quickly for both you and your daughter. Learn to live with some messy hair. Some days it's better to pull it up quickly in a pony tail rather than go through the entire routine: wash, brush and style. 

2. Create a fun time around the hair fixing.
 I sing songs, whisper sweet things to my little and do my best to use it as time to connect rather than another thing on my to do list. 
If you work to create a sweetness about the hair care time, you'll find that cooperation increases greatly. Oh, and you'll be blessed too. 

3. Invest in a few products to help with the hair care. 
I can not say enough good things about this brush.
Slashed Beauty | REVIEW: The Wet Brush
pic via

I purchased mine on Amazon, but I've seen Target carrying them as well. 
This brush makes post bath time detangling easy.

I also use a (cheap) leave in conditioner after baths and on days that the hair is knotted from sleep.
Suave Kids' Double Dutch Apple Detangling Spray 10.5-oz. ---- Basically a $3 leave in conditioner!

4. Have a few hairbows, headbands, flower crowns, and pony tail holders on hand. 

I've found that in this category: less really is more. You don't need five hundred hair bows to match every outfit. 
Limiting your supplies can lead you towards increased creativity.
Like a diy flower crown.

5. Use youtube as a resource for increaing your hair styling abilities. 
It's not fun to do the same hair styles each and every day, but beyond a regularly braided pony tail I'm a complete novice. 
These are great videos I've used to learn new braids for Vivi's hair.


As with anything, let's remember to enjoy this phase!

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