Monday, April 6, 2015

Enjoying/ April Edition


Enjoying our fist bonfire of the year. Nothing quite like snuggling up to a fire in the backyard. 
Dreaming about flower crowns and concrete removal
Making art for the walls, painting a rug, this flower crown, and hairbows.
Planning for the future with our financial advisor at Orange Financial (Cincinnati folks check them out!)
Avoiding information about the last season of Mad Men until we get around to watching it after the season.
Watching the spring buds burst around the house. 
Working on making some local friends. 
Reading this
Gearing up for some (much needed) yard work. We've got nowhere to go but up!
Walking all the time around town. Long walks + my loves = a seriously content Sarah
Using all the method products in my favorite scents here and here
Craving another getaway with my love.

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