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 August 2014
It's no surprise that between all the starch, fast food, pringles and powdered donuts I ate last year I gained weight. 
To the tune of 40 pounds. 
That's a lot of stinking pounds. 
And it was hanging around like a bad joke.
September 2014

A couple of months back, Dustin began working days after working a night shift schedule for 4 years. 
And we decided we were both over being overweight. 

So we began working out. 
I went from literally zero, zilch, nada exercise to 3/4 times a week hitting the gym. Hard.
I've even heard the gym cry out in pain a few times. 
I've been doing cardio (eliptical machine) and weights. 
That's not including the miles D and I are walking together weekly with the kids in a stroller.
And I've been seeing results. 
Like real ones.
Even my face is slimmer.
April 2015
Dustin has been doing the above, plus running 3 or 4 times/week in the mornings and working in a warehouse 3 days/week (walking tons and throwing cargo). 

We've also been watching what we eat. 
As in we aren't eating junk anymore. 
And I've been drinking a slimfast for breakfast and lunch daily for a couple of months now.

I've been feeling great lately. 
I've been texting Dustin my calories burned each time I reach a new goal, 
sweaty gym pic I recently sent D

and I've been feeling all kinds of energy and renewed confidence. 
I've also been really happy about the changes I've been seeing with the way my clothes are fitting. 
Yesterday, we had a nurse come to our house to do an insurance physical. 
You know the type: blood, urine, weight and measurements. 

And here's the thing...

Dustin is down 32 pounds. 
I am down 0.

You might not be too surprised to know that I cried my eyes out after the sweet nurse lady left. 
As in face down on the bed, ugly crying. 

And Dustin was so sweet. 
He listened.
He empathized. 
And then he listened some more. 

And then I went back into my room for some more ugly crying. 

Only to emerge to ask if he really thought that I'd been changing my body. 

"Be honest with me. Have you been saying you see changes in my figure, but are lying to me?"
He even took the crazy lady lying question in stride. 
He's a keeper that one. 

So, I went to bed last night feeling a little less confident about myself. 
And feeling a whole lot defeated.

And I woke up this morning thinking...maybe I could do even more. 
Don't get me wrong: I'm not super excited about it. 
But the first time I stepped on that eliptical machine I thought I was going to die. 
And I told Dustin all about it with each step I took. 
Now, I actually like my time on that crazy machine. 

The first picture is from last August and the last two are from the past few weeks. 
I think you can see the loss of weight in my face and arms. 
I don't even wear the first shirt anymore because it's too big. 

Maybe I'll get up enough guts to get D to take a picture of me facing him. Probably not in a bikini. Because ya know. 

All of this is to say:
Don't eat the powdered donuts. They're really not worth it!

Oh, and I can do hard things. 

Digging deep over here and enjoying the journey!


  1. Feeling great is a HUGE piece of a more active lifestyle! How great it is to feel better, and to be looking forward to exercise! And, I'm sure you've heard it before, but muscle weighs more than fat! Weight is such a crappy measure of overall health, body fat testing, stamina and taking measurements with a measuring tape can help you 'see' your results more than a scale will reflect! Keep up the good work, I can totally see a change in your (always beautiful, SERIOUSLY) face!

  2. Your journey has been so encouraging, Holly! Thanks for the sweet words. :)


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