Saturday, March 14, 2015

A tip for controlling your temper with your children

This morning, before 9 am...
Kids had gotten into gum.
Kids had gotten into hamburger buns.
Kids had gotten into granola bars. 
Kids were sneaky and ate granola bars (after being told not to of course).
Kids were sneaky and ate gum (after being told not to of course).
And one kiddo came to the bathroom with a plastic bag on her head (to be a robot of course).

All this and I promise they were being supervised. 
The joys of showering. 

And you know what? 
I felt tempted to unleash anger on them.
Because you guys...they know better. 
But then I'd be a yelling mama. 
And no one (especially me) wants a yelling mama in our house. 

So I didn't yell.
I talked privately with both children. 
I promised them that although I was disappointed with their actions, I wasn't going to raise my voice with them today. 

Yes, they still have consequences for misbehavior. 
A 2 or 4 minute time out in the naughty spot followed by their sweet apology after a warning has been given ala Supernanny. 

But the trick is to take the emotions out of the parenting. 
They're not being disobedient to make my life harder.
They're not doing it because I haven't been clear with my expectations.
And they're not doing it to make me feel out of control. 

They are doing it because they are kids.
And kids need constant training. 

Apparently more than normal amounts this morning. 

If you find yourself in the middle of a situation where you're feeling put out and grumpy about managing it...try making your children a promise for calm for that day.
And empower them with the opportunity to speak up if they see you losing your cool.
Dean will say to me, "Mom you look like you're getting upset."

And there's nothing like a little accountability to douse cold water on a temper flaring up. 

Most of all, pray. 
Pray without ceasing.
Pray with your children. 

Pray alone. 
Just pray. 

Because with God you can.

Have a great (and calm!) Saturday!!!
And don't forget your cup of coffee or two.

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