Wednesday, March 25, 2015

sweet moments

Sorry (not sorry) for the silence around here. 
Dustin and I were able to get away for the weekend and celebrated our six year wedding anniversary!

Three pictures were taken. 
And that's a testament to the soaking it all up that happened. 

Friday night...we had a date. We listened to some blues at B.B. King's place in Nashville. And we settled in quickly with a bottle of wine at our airbnb place. We rented the top story of a house in East Nashville and were really happy with it. Our hosts were throwing a bon voyage party for themselves when we got in. So, we had the place to ourselves for the remainder of the time. 

Saturday the big plan was get out and walk.
And that's what we did. For hours. 
The weather was AMAZING. 
Birds were singing, daffodils and other spring blooms were blooming. The first grass of the season, no humidity, and lots of blue skies made it so much fun. 
We even happened upon the Vanderbilt spring football game and enjoyed that for a bit. 

After the hours of walking, we got dressed for a wedding between a couple from our community group. 
At the wedding, I was of course super nostalgic. Nothing like a wedding the day before your anniversary to make you relive the moments you've shared with your partner. 
Afterwards, we headed to the reception and enjoyed some dancing time. 

Dustin is a blast on the dance floor, and it only took me six years to learn this!

Sunday we packed up and headed home, but not before we did a cave tour at Mammoth Cave. Our goal was to do a tour that we wouldn't be able to complete with kiddos. It was two hours, it was a lot of steps and it was definitely not kid friendly. We had a blast. 

Now the weekend is done,  
Life is back to normal and at the same time it isn't.
I'm feeling refreshed and ready to give it my all again. 
So thankful for time away to appreciate the beauty right in front of me. 

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