Tuesday, March 10, 2015

spring cleaning: financial goals, organizing the home, and purging the excess

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Like most of us, Dustin and I have areas of our finances that need attention.
And like most people out there, I don't like dealing with, facing, or planning financial goals. 
I just don't.
 We met with a financial advisor today and we're working on a plan of action. 

Read: We are coming up with financial goals whether I like it or not. Because really, we need to and I just need to deal. 

It feels like we're spring cleaning our bank accounts and our monetary behaviors. 

I'm not sure just how deep I'll be diving in the world of finances on this blog, but I feel comfortable sharing one of our many goals:

a savings of $57,000 in 3-5 years. 


Just writing it out feels good, and a little bit WOWZER at the same time. 

I mean really. 
The meeting today has me thinking about this longheld tradition to spring clean our lives out from top to bottom this time of the year.

In our house over the past few weeks, no room 
(or closet) has been untouched. 
I've pulled out every item, purged like crazy, and put back only the items I think have value. The kids have been like cats- thriving in the curiosity and craziness of it all.  

And it's feeling really good. In fact, I'm feeling tempted to start over with an even finer tooth comb. Does anyone else get this way?

I guess I'm writing all this to say: 

Face your fears.

Whether it's in your bank accounts or the back of a dark, barely touched closet, roll up your sleeves and get at it. 

I'm thinking we'll all be happy we did.

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