Friday, March 6, 2015

season of rest

Come to me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest. 
Matthew 11:28

Right now our church is digging into the ten commandments and recently we settled into commandment 4 (keep the Sabbath day) for a few weeks. 
For some quality sermons on rest go here

While we were searching the scripture for information on rest, some mamas were questioning...
What does rest look like for a mom?

And I get it. 
Mamas don't have sick days.
We don't have reprieves that last long (if at all).

We feel pulled in a ton of directions and sometimes we lay our heads down on our pillows at night thinking about all that was left undone...

Here are some ways this mama squeezes moments of resting with the Lord into my days. 

Turn off social media. Or limit it to specific times of the day because the noise of this world can rob you of the rest you need. Period. 
I read through the daily blogs I follow after my morning prayer time. Also, if you write a blog, consider working ahead so you can publish consistently without getting sucked into the latest, greatest pinterest find each day.
What about current events?
 Rather than scrolling through to see what your peers think. Unplug and pray. 
Ask God to move in your life as he sees fit. 

Consider removing television. Truth: we have a television and it is hooked up. We play dvds that we borrow from the library and we have Amazon prime with a fire thingy that allows us to play our movies/tv shows on the big screen. But not having cable cuts down on the monotonous scanning of channels seeking something to entertain us. Entertainment isn't bad, but when you're seeking rest for your soul it can distract you from getting it.

Carve it out. When everyone else is still tucked into their beds, I wake up to experience my few minutes of rest with the Lord before little ones are poking their heads out of their rooms and gears are shifting. 

My times in the morning with nothing but the Bible open in my lap and a cup of coffee in my hand are the sweetest times I've experienced...ever. It feels serene, loving, honest, and legit. Allowing that time to seek the Holy Spirit, to pour out my fears, hopes, dreams, worries and to take the day in stride is better than I knew it'd be. 

 Here's the thing: you don't have to like mornings to find rest, but I find it's the best time for the stillness I need to move forward. I don't think the time of day matters, but moving your to-do list around to get the 5+ minutes does. Make it happen mamas. 

I once worked with a special education teacher that told me she locked herself in her bathroom for about 10 minutes a day to get a moment to herself. Her children (elementary aged kiddos) thought she was utilizing the facilities, but instead she had reading materials in there and spent her time reading- with the door locked for "privacy". 
Moms are super resourceful when we want to be. 

When little ones are the smallest, they tend to demand the most from us. As Christian moms, it's important to not beat ourselves up about the amount of time we give to the Lord. 

The question is not one of quantity, but of quality. It's not the amount but the attitude of our heart. 

Are you feeling pulled in so many directions you don't feel like you have a moment to breathe? 
Maybe stick a verse on your mirror and read it while you brush your teeth twice a day. 

Are you up in the middle of the night nursing? 
Sing a praise song to the Lord while you nurse. 

Are you patting backs, making lunches, and wiping noses? 
Use those times to pray, meditate on Bible verses, sing songs to the little ones in our lives. 

The good news is God knows our hearts and will meet us where we are. He has blessed us with the lives we're leading and calls us to seek Him in it, but there's no time limit or box to check off when seeking the Lord. Just start and keep it up. 

As our seasons change so can the ways we seek. 

Encouragement from other women. Gather a tribe. You need encouragement and so do they. Use your words to bless others. Allow women to share with you so they can find rest. Smile, laugh and praise God for the ways he is working in our lives. Remember the good He is doing in your life, verbalize it and rest in it.

My prayer is that you find rest time with the Lord this weekend. Oh, and that the snow ends because really, enough already.

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