our love story/ part 6

Our love story is a keeper. It begins before we met and I pray it'll continue for all of time. 
Someday, I want to be able to look back at the details that have been overlooked when life happens. Because this...is real.

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Have faith

That’s when it happened. 
That’s the moment when I saw the blonde come out of the crowd. She set herself in his path and like she knew him already, she put her large, green hat on his head and began to wrap herself around him. 

He broke eye contact with me to glance down at her.

“Oh my gosh.” I said out loud with hurt written on my face. 
Sounds became muffled and I saw time slow down as his mouth moved close to her ear. 

I wanted to run away. 
I wanted to be anywhere but here. 

I snapped my head quickly to A. and I barked at her “Finish your drink, we’re leaving.” 
I looked over towards D and the leggy, blonde girl and A’s eyes followed mine. 
When she saw them together she didn’t fight me on it, and I began heading towards the door.

I needed to get out. 
I felt suffocated by all the people and the stale air.
As I reached the front door, I felt the cold air and freedom.  
I needed to lick my wounds and I needed out before I looked like more of a fool.

One step away from the threshold and I felt a hand wrap around my arm. 
Thinking it was A., I looked back.
“Hey.”  he said gently,” Are you heading out?”
 His eyebrows moved with the question. 
He looked confused. 
Was that sadness I saw on his face?
“Yes!” I replied in my nastiest, haughtiest tone. 
“Let me go settle up my tab and I’ll meet you outside, okay?” 
He plead with me through his eyes and his gently but firm request to wait. 

I took a step outside, A. joined me, and...we waited.

The pity party was raging in my mind.

When he stepped outside he looked around to spot us and when he did, his shoulders relaxed a fraction of an inch. 
He let a deep breath of air out and grinned as he approached us. 

“Didn’t want to bring your friend?” I arched an eyebrow said in a sarcastic and nasty tone.

His eyes closed a fraction of an inch as he tried to figure out the meaning of what I was saying. 
The second he realized what I was referring to, I saw it written on his face and then I saw his jaw clench.

“She’s not a friend,” he said with a firm voice. 
“She talked to me earlier this evening before you came.” 
He said it with such finality I knew the subject was closed. 

He looked miffed that I’d asked. 

Taking another deep breath, Dustin, looked straight in my eyes and said, 

“Wait a second while I pull out cash from the atm.”

And so again...I waited.


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