our love story/ part 5

Our love story is a keeper. It begins before we met and I pray it'll continue for all of time. 
Someday, I want to be able to look back at the details that have been overlooked when life happens. Because this...is real.

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I nodded cheers to him with the glass and my head and made a grimace as I felt the bitter drink start down my mouth. 
His smile deepened as I set the glass (more than half full) down on the bar in front of me. 
“Ugh!” I said shaking my head “That’s all I can stand!” 
He laughed one loud and sure laugh that made the hairs on my arms stand up. 
It wasn’t mocking and it wasn’t weak. 
I was in trouble.

He finished the drink for me and I used that time to gather the courage to begin speaking to him.
“So are you here with friends?” I asked expecting him to say yes and then have to head off in a bit to find them. 
“I was supposed to meet some people, but they changed their plans and I still wanted to come out.” he said. 
“Oh.” I said and nodded like I understood, but I didn’t. If friends had changed plans on me, I’d be home in pajamas watching Anne of Green Gables for the 5,000th time wishing I’d find my Gilbert some day.

“My friend, A. and I had dinner and decided to come out for a drink.” I told him even though the question hadn’t been asked. 
After offering that information, he nodded and slowly turned his whole body towards me with a sexy, dimple grin on his face that told me he was glad I was finally talking to me. 

I took that as a good sign and began asking about his job and felt relieved he was happy to share. 
He was from California, a federal police officer who was also a soldier and he was working at Fort Knox. I couldn’t really make sense of all of what he was saying, but I managed to not make a complete fool of myself. I held onto key words to analyze later: California, police, soldier, Fort Knox, democrat.

I managed to tell him my story.
 His eyes stayed on mine. 
He talked when prompted and listened with a concentration that was powerful…palpable even. 

This was turning into more than a bar conversation. 

It was intimate and every nerve was tense and focused on him, and I lost all track of time and space. 

A. had long since moved on to other people as there was very little breathing room in our conversation. 
I was being a terrible friend, but the attraction was overwhelming. 
She came back to us after awhile and broke the trance.
She wanted coffee. 

Once again she saved me. A quiet coffee shop is much more my speed. I began tonervously think about how I was going to ask him to join us. 
I turned back towards him and he said, “Let me run to the bathroom, settle up my tab, and I’ll come with you.”

Just like that he’d invited himself, and he seemed sure I’d want him to join us. 

“Maybe he felt it too.”  I thought.
 I did a silent happy dance in my mind, nodded an okay towards him and watched him snake his way towards the bathroom.

Smiling, I turned towards A. hoping she was having a great time, and feeling bad about my obvious ditching her to get to know this guy. 
We chatted as we finished up the ends of a drink and after a few minutes I spotted him coming back towards us.

 He was hard to miss. 
His height and confident stride put him in a different class than the others in the room.
He was maybe 20 feet from me and looking right at me. 
He walk was deliberate, ignoring the mayhem going on around him. 
He had tunnel vision with me at the end. 
I smiled a small smile and let out a small sigh because I was relieved to see him again.

That’s when it happened. 
That’s the moment when I saw the blonde come out of the crowd. She set herself in his path and like she knew him already, she put her large, green hat on his head and began to wrap herself around him. 

He broke eye contact with me to glance down at her.


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