Wednesday, March 4, 2015

living room curtains phase one

I'm working on making our tiny living room live larger. 
And I'm hoping that hanging curtains high and wide will help do just that.

If any of you have purchased curtains lately, you know what a doozy that can be. 
the prices
the lengths
color and pattern choices
and fabric selection

I was tempted to try my hand at making my own, but I am severly lacking in patience to sew that many straight lines.

I finally settled on four white 84" curtains 
Even with something as simple as that...the prices were crazy big. 

Enter the Kohls gift card my folks had given me for Christmas, a huge sale, and a 20% Kohls code they offered.
You guys my total was $81.41 and I "saved" $174.11.

Lessons learned: there's a crazy ton of markup in curtains.

And don't buy things full priced. Ever.

What do you do when you get curtains in the mail?
Well, tape them up on the walls with painters tape for the full effect of course. 

And then continue taking pictures to play around with the sunlight coming in. 

We currently have one of the two curtains hung. 
We need to head to the hardware store to pick up some new drill bits...plaster is serious business. 

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