Wednesday, March 11, 2015

creating an easy capsule wardrobe

Hands down the best thing I've implemented since becoming a stay at home/work at home mama has been a capsule wardrobe. 

When I started this stay at home gig, 
I knew that I wanted to shower and dress everyday. 
Sounds crazy to say that, but there it is. 
I know lots of stay at home moms are comfortable not showering and or staying in yoga pants or jammies all day. When we moved here from CA I struggled in this area. It felt like a lot to factor my needs in. I was overwhelmed from the moves and tired. 
But this go around, I knew that I could do it and enjoy it if I pushed myself. 

So dressed with hair and makeup done daily.
Except I found that I was struggling with what clothes to reach for.
I was spending lots of time trying to figure out what my casual, but not too casual outfits should look like. 

Enter the capsule wardrobe. 

What is a capsule wardrobe?

You're making four capsules (read: groupings) of clothes to wear in a year. 
You only wear clothes in your capsule. 
You change with the seasons. 

It's a chance to pare down, it's a chance to like the clothes in your closet, and it's a chance to simplify the getting dressed process every morning. 

Different people have different "rules" for their capsules (like how many articles of clothing they allow themselves), but for the sake of being new and not wanting to overwhelm myself...I went light on the rules. 

After a capsule is deemed "ready", I can't add to it with any new clothes. 
I can only wear clothes in the capsule.
I will create four capsules throughout the year. 
I will not include exercise clothes/pajamas or accessories in the capsules.

My winter capsule included:
2 pairs of jeans
1 pair of black dressy pants
1 black maxi skirt
3 button up shirts 
1 grey sweatshirt (looks better than it sounds)
1 tee shirt
3 tank tops
4 cardigans
1 pair of grey loafers
1 pair of brown boots
and accessories (scarves and jewelry)

I technically began my winter capsule in early November and wore it until March 1.
Every photo of me on this little ole blog has been in one of the aforementioned pieces of clothing. 

And I loved it so much I've struggled to move out of the late fall/winter capsule and embrace making a spring one. 

I also learned a few things about myself. 
I am a cardigan girl (always have been), but I'm also really digging button up shirts. Something about a button up shirt makes me feel put together and presentable in public. It's quickly becoming my new staple and probably the only thing I'll be adding to the spring capsule. 

I've also discovered that I really like neutrals, I love mixing and matching them all together, and gray is my new black. 

Oh, and my chambray button up is probably the best and is definitely moving into the spring capsule.

I'm also hoping to add a couple of maxi skirt options to the newest capsule and some new shoes. I've got my eyes on some sandals and some TOMS. My goal is to photograph all of the spring items when I finally get it pieced together.
Oh, and at the end of the year clothes that I haven't touched are history. 

Spring cleaning at its finest. 

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