Friday, March 13, 2015

building a mod shed and someday finishing it

Early last December Dustin began building a mod shed in our backyard. 
He designed it and made it happen. 
Then it got cold (freezing) like it usually does in late December. 
And it stayed cold through January and February.
Shocking I know. still looks like this with the addition of an unpainted door and some lights.

The goal: moving tools out of the basement.
Ultimately, I'd like to get our partially finished basement turned into a rad family room and play room.

But for those of you regular readers, you may remember that we have a new savings goal we are working on. 
So, we're working on the basement and shed in phases. 
It's not really ideal, but it'll work because 
we're going to make it work.

Now that the sun is shining, I'm thinking that we should get our booties outside and finish painting the shed.
Then maybe add the windows.
Oh and a door lock and handle.

And maybe finish the trim on the shed.
You know working on the overall aesthetic appeal. 
Because right now...
See all that concrete?
We've got plans for that too. 

Who wants a concrete yard? 
I mean really.

And then there's the general maintenance.
Followed by toy storage.
And some pretty plants. 

See all those leaves?
They're still there. 
Maybe we should do something about that too. 

I have the pillows stored right now. 
But this picture illustrates the massive amounts of concrete going on there. 
See the trees? 
That's the property line-ish.
Actually it's down the steep hill on the other side of them, but that's pretty unusable right now. 
See how much concrete we've got?

Someone must have gotten a steal of a deal. 

I'm officially calling these pictures our befores.
Because the only way we can go from here is up. 

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