Tuesday, February 10, 2015

winter play: Cincinnati area

 You guys, I love to bundle up the kids and head outside (even in the cold temps) to play. 

If you're new to this blog: my kids have lots of energy and I can either funnel it towards good or let it veer towards bad.  
Either way, the energy is going to come out. 
Just ask my mom and dad who watched the kids this past weekend...they'll confirm.

Each week, I load the kids into the van and head up to Milford, OH to let them play in a showroom. 
The store opens up for play and parties every day. 
And the kids LOVE it. 
They have trampolines galore, tons of playground equipment, basketball courts, a soccer field, air hockey tables, and scooters whizzing by. 

Did I mention the kids love it?

It's also fun for grownups too. 
D has been known to challenge Dean to an air hockey game or two and to be found on the basketball courts. 

During the week, at select times, they offer reduced entrance rates: $2/family. 
Making it even better: the reduced entrance fee goes to charities. 
Yes, please!

If you're in the Cincinnati area, you can check out their locations and availability here
This is a great way to get the energy out...with lots of smiles. 

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