transitions: times they are a changin'...again

If you're new here, you can read about our moves from Louisville to California & from Cali to Northern Kentucky here and here

heading out west 2013
But this post isn't about those moves any longer. 
(Praise God for that!)
pregnant with Vivi- 2011
It's an update on what our family looks and feels like right now. 

For the past 4+ years, Dustin has been working nights. 
At times he was working both days and nights. 
Take it from me...that wasn't a lot of fun.
day before we had Vivi 2012
Back in October, I gave my notice at my job to become a stay at home mama with the idea that we'd open our house to kiddos in the area for care.
Less than a week later, Dustin was let go from his job. 
Oh my. 
saying goodbye to Kentucky 2013
It could have been horrible, but actually it was a time we dug deep into the Lord and not only made it out alive, but thrived. 
Then it happened.
D got his dream job. 
With a dream schedule.
And he's now through his training schedule 
(not ideal) and entering week 2 of the new and improved work/life balance. 
visit D when he was working in Seattle 2013
And (spoiler alert)'s good. Really good.
My fave being: I have a partner again. 

For the past 4 years, I've been doing a lot of this parenting gig on my own. 
Most nights I've been without my husband. 
That means most dinners, most bath times, most tucking in the little ones have been alone. 
And most mornings have been spent being quiet and alone. And that's not including the months we've lived apart.
In fact, I've been alone more than not. 

Polar Express train ride 2013
And that's been even harder as a wife than as a mama. 
There were days each week when I did not see my husband. I didn't share a bed with him and a 10-15 minute conversation would be all I had for a few days. 
He recently pointed out to me that my stories are always about when we were dating. 
Not pre-kids, but pre-night shift life. 
Beach time, Cali 2014
One of the many things I loved about Dustin when we were dating was how different he was than me. 
He was outgoing.
He was always talking, always friendly, and always on the go. 
He rarely stayed home. 
He pushed me into a life that allowed me to try new things.
House hunting in Kentucky 2014
I'm excited to see us in action again. 
This past week, he was able to take our kiddos out for some one on one time while I cared for others. 
He lightened my load and dug deeper with our little ones. 
Also in this past week, he was able to accomplish more than he normally would in a month's worth of weekends because get this...
he was alert. 

Oh my goodness. 
He was awake.
He was smiling. 
He was actively engaged. 
He kept my spirits up, he loved on me and he added such a sweet flavor to our family. 
Michigan 2014

So I'm writing this long post as a way to say 

Thank you, Lord.

We will praise you when it's easy, we will praise you when it's hard. Blessed be the name of the Lord.
Louisville date night 2014
And also wives of shift workers or workers with wonky schedules, I have a special spot for you in my heart. 
You're not single, but you're doing a whole
 lot of it on your own. 

And people won't often understand the difficulties, the fears, the challenges you face. 
Trust not in your own strength, but in the Lord's.
Look forward to schedule changes to come and hold tightly to the good you have during the challenges. 


  1. As a Military wife, this hits close to home and was much of what I experienced last year and most of 2013. Thanks for the reminder to be thankful in the tough and easy times! I'm glad you get to have your husband apart of your life in every way, again!

    1. I'm so glad, Emily! I can only imagine what a military wife goes through...
      When Dustin and I met he was a drill sergeant, but finished his 8 years before we were engaged. I'm certainly ready to enjoy the sweetness of this time and praying it lasts for a long while.


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