our love story/ part 2

Our love story is a keeper. It begins before we met and I pray it'll continue for all of time. 
Someday, I want to be able to look back at the details that have been overlooked when life happens. Because this...is real.

You can read part 1 here.

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After college, I moved to Chicago and began my career as a single woman in the city.
 I moved into a terrible, studio apartment in a great part of town. 
All of my money went to clothes, makeup and social events. And after a continuation of dating all the wrong guys, I tried a different strategy.

I was sure I’d figured it out. 
I mean if Bridget Jones ends up with the nice guy (and Colin Firth was what I was looking for)…I’d date the nicest guy I could find. 
Surely nice equaled “right”. 
So, what if there was no spark, there was also no crying or worrying that I wasn’t the one. 
Because I knew I wasn’t. 
When we broke up, he began dating a friend. 
Whom, you may have already guessed…he married and started his happily ever after with.

It wasn’t "the nice guy" that had me shaken the most. 
It was my fall back guy that brought back all my old insecurities to the surface. 

He was the one I always called when I came home. He called. 
I called. 
We dated. 
We flirted. 
He said the right things with no commitment. 
No strings attached. 
He was my in between guy. 
I was never enough for him to want to commit to, but he was never enough for me either.

It was when he called to say he’d settled down with a girl that the panic began.

What if there wasn’t one for me?
I mean that happens, right?
 Sometimes, there’s just not one for you. 
Or maybe there is and you’re too busy dating the wrong person to see it clearly.

Hours, days and months crept by. 
I moved back home near Louisville, Kentucky. 
Home with my parents. 
Home at 25.
 Home to reinvent myself and home to seek solace.


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