Monday, February 2, 2015

once upon a time: wine tasting with toddlers

D and I fancied ourselves wine drinkers with a desire to grow our palate.
We subscribed (and read) Wine Spectator.
We paid attention to the location, the year, the pairings when we chose a wine.
We savored.
We talked about it.
A lot.
And then we had kids. 
And I'm not by any means saying that kids are the end of wine drinking.
Because they're not.
But my mommy mind shifted and I began caring less about the vintage and more about not spilling it while a baby or toddler used me as a play toy.
I still loved a great glass of wine, but I wasn't searching for it.
It needed to be brought to me. 
When we moved to CA it became easier to find good wines. 
They are everywhere. 
And they were less expensive. 
Then there's the actual tastings you can go on. 
We've managed to do one solid day of tasting in Livermore, and on a day trip to Monterey we decided to take the kids with us on a tasting. 
I read somewhere that it's the thing to do.

Here's the ::truth::.

I don't remember the name of the winery.
Not at all. 
I couldn't even tell you what letter it started with.
 We chose it solely because we could park our stroller outside and still see it.
We also spied a couple of kid's toy boxes inside.

Clearly, this was an adventure in tasting for us. 
We tried three reds and one white.
I couldn't tell you anything about them.
Except to say...they weren't exceptional. 
They would have needed to be superb to take my mind off the constant worry of massive damage in a store with a lot of breakables by two littles.
It started out controlled.

And ended with a lot of this.

D: Do you want to buy a bottle?
Sarah: No. 
D: What do you want to do?
Sarah: Leave before their "goodish" behavior wears off.

Conclusion: we did it.
Here's our victory faces.
Will we do it again?
We like wine.

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