Wednesday, January 7, 2015

small changes: shopping what you already have

I spent a LARGE part of my day in my living room.

Here's a reminder of what it looked like when we moved in.
July 2014

There was nowhere to go,but up. 

Back in November, I took this updated pic.

November 2014

And I did a post about upcoming changes. 

Here's where we are now

I should start by saying the before pic was taken in great light...the after not so much. It's also not at the same angle. 
But the changes feel really good.
I've switched out our rug. 
It has helped the color craze calm down a bit. 
We've also added some end tables and removed Mr. Toad's container. 

The chalkboard is something the kids LOVE and I love it too, but eventually it'll make its way down to the kid's playroom. 

I've also purchased some hairpin leg like these
Hairpin Legs for tables 16'' metal legs

 from here to start a diy coffee table that has less bulk and a bit more style. 

I'm also getting close to pulling the trigger on this

pom pom fringe

to recreate this rad design as curtains
summer pom pom throw 

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