Monday, January 12, 2015


Creating: A mid century modern doll house for Vivi is still in the works. I'm thinking it'll be a Valentine's day gift. 

Developing: A creative challenge. I NEED to create. For real. It's in my thoughts...constantly, but it doesn't always happen. at. all. Sometimes it feels like there are too many things to do and not enough time to do it in. Clay. Acrylic, Fabric. Sketching. Collages. Watercolor. Stamps. Yarn. My creative challenge needs to in some way have a plan- otherwise I'm going to keep wishing and hoping and praying without actually doing.

Watching: Little ones. I am watching little ones regularly now. And I love it. It's rad. It's challenging me. It's such a blessing to open our house for families, and it's making me smile. A lot.

Learning: I am working on growing some of the behind the scene stuff for this blog. I'm looking at some of the biggies for info about where this blog is heading. Online blogging began as a journaling tool for me and it's grown. I'm working on a plan about where it's going to go. How is it going to be used. What are my goals for blogging? (spoiler alert: they've changed). Most people read multiple blogs and I feel honored to be one of yours. 

Loving: My handsome husband is in the throes of some big things at work. And it's going really well. Soon-ish his schedule will even out a bit for the first time in 4+ years. I'm busy working on 12 date nights for 2015 with that guy. Because we need to connect as adults. 

Teaching: Patience, using our words, social skills, and the gospel. Big stuff turned into tiny lessons for the little ones. Right now our goals are social/emotional more than school, but that's happening too. I've been planning on writing about what we do and what I plan to do in the near future. It's a hard post to wrap my mind around because inevitably I'll end up falling down the rabbit hole of education.

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