Wednesday, January 14, 2015

keep adventuring

A crap ton of our family time is spent adventuring. 
And we could probably do more. 

It makes me ridiculously happy to see our "adventures" from the children's point of view.
And I spend a lot of my time during the adventure thinking thoughts like 
"This is what I thought parenting would feel like." and "I love my family."

We have a few rules for adventures that make them go smoothly.

1. Kids are the leaders for the adventure.
2. D and I try to avoid saying "no".
3. Take a few risks.
4. Have fun.
Sometimes we find our kids struggling to keep up with all the do's and do not's of of my kids in particular. 
This kiddo sometimes gets really down about all the mess ups and mishaps of life. 
This kid needs FREEDOM in moderation and LOVES adventure time for just that reason. 
This kid needs good and bad to be suspended and needs free, radical play for awhile. 

Recently we bundled up and explored a trail by our house. 

Hey Dean, what are you up to?
::licking the ice::

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