Thursday, January 22, 2015

games we heart

Our kids love family time. 
And we're currently working on social skills over here with the littles. 
Enter family game night.
It's quickly becoming a tradition in the Alsey household. 
I am super competitive.
D puts my super competitiveness to shame.
(He is after all the man who 
bit through his tongue to win a fight...different story for a different day).

A good game needs a few things to be used in our family game night:
some competition
silly factor
easy to explain 

Here's our current faves

skunk bingo image courtesy Google images

Expect lots of giggles and belly laughs when you draw a stinky skunk!

Zingo image courtesy Google images

Our two year old and four year old can both play although the two year old has a tough time holding her attention for the entire game. It's a great for focus, reading sight words (they even have older levels of the game for kids in elementary school), and it's easy enough to start right away.

Slap Jack
Slap Jack image courtesy Google images

You can't go wrong with kids slapping their hands on cards to try to win a pile. It's silly, competitive, and a big favorite here.
What games are we missing for the preschool crew?

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