Tuesday, December 9, 2014

yarn art completed

This was such a cathartic craft! 
I've had some folks ask me questions about it and thought I'd add some clarifying pics, but the full tutorial I followed can be found at Little Miss Momma here.
 After cutting your yarn to the length you want (go longer than you think you'll want in the end for trimming), slip knot the yarn onto the branch.

 The husband hung it up with two screws. Our walls are plaster making everything harder, but I imagine a couple of nails would suffice if you have drywall. After we hung it on the wall, I trimmed the bottom. It's not perfect, but it feels organic and it's certainly the right size for the space. 
I'm already planning on switching out some of the yarn for spring/summer. The slip knots will allow me to easily change it out when I get the whim. 

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