Monday, December 8, 2014

peppermint is my fave

Actually coconut is my favorite scent, but this time of the year peppermint wins...hands down.
Last night the kids and I headed out for the Fort Thomas Holiday Walk and we were bombarded with candy canes. The kids both ate one and we came home with half a dozen others. 

So candy canes crafts are in our immediate future.

We have been working through the alphabet (vowels first!) and are about to take a short, Christmas inspired break for some fun. 
Enter Pinterest stage left.

This week is all things peppermint and candy canes.
Patterns, colors, sensory, and the letter J.

So thankful for the collaboration of ideas available. 
Last year we made this
Candy Cane Playdough and other Christmas Crafts for Preschoolers
found here

This year I think we're also going to add some of this to our sensory play
How to make rice that smells just like a candy cane for Christmas sensory play.
found here

and some art like this
Candy Cane Craft with Circles
found here 

and this
Handprint Candy Cane Craft
found here

and this
baby jesus craft for preschoolers - Google Search 
found here 

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