Tuesday, December 30, 2014

one is elsa, two is anna

This girl and her hair.
Sometimes it's in her eyes. 
Sometimes it has food in it.
Sometimes it's a complete disaster.

Every day I get the chance to sit down with her and whisper sweetness in her ears while I fix it. 
It is one of my favorite Vivi girl moments.
Because it's calm.
Because she's listening.
Because I speak from my heart. 

Frozen has increased the requests.
Big pony tail
Little pony tail
Little braid
Hair bow
Elsa (one braid)
Anna (two braids)
and this weekend I added fishtail braid to the mix.

I used this Lauren Conrad tutorial and skipped clipping the top elastic. 

Joy in the everyday.
Joy in the challenge. 
Joy in trying something new.

*Joy is my one word concept for the year 2015. For more about it, check here

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