Wednesday, December 10, 2014

future pins for the win

Once the ball gets's hard to stop.
We do most of our living in this room and while it has certainly come a long way...we've got a long road ahead.
And there's nothing like browsing your own pins on pinterest to get the creative juices flowing.

corner gallery inspiration
Love this little mini gallery tucked in to a corner from A Lovely Lark
found here

pillow inspiration found here
Contrast -wide red  white stripes juxstaposed next to large black  white buffalo checked wall paper.
I have crazy love for these two patterns.
and here
Black Swiss Cross - This repeat plus pattern, or Swiss cross, is very popular in modern home decor.
Coffee table plans here 
How To: Make a Mid-Century Modern Inspired DIY Coffee Table » Curbly | DIY Design Community

add another chair inspired by here
strandmon sessel in rot :)

and diy curtains inspired by this

summer pom pom throw

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