Thursday, December 18, 2014


We had pics taken after Dean's birth, but I don't have digital copies.
I have crazy love for those photos and if I wasn't already spoken for, I'd marry them. 
This is our family photo after Vivi's birth.
 Here we are right before our move in 2013.
And our current little family.
On Sunday, our family was blessed with this pic by  professional photographer, Katie Hayes
She took photos of folks after both church services. Families and friends were lined up and while we were close to the front of the line...our little ones were getting squirrely right before it was our turn. 
............. During the photos, Dean was using airplane and robot arms randomly and Vivi was waving to the photographer.

How she managed to get this shot during the mayhem is beyond me. 
Note to self: loosen up and enjoy the blessings.

*If you need a photographer in the Cincinnati area, check out Katie Hayes.

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