Tuesday, December 2, 2014

being a blogger/ lessons learned

This little ole blog is headed into year four and it has made me sentimental. Instead of waxing poetic, I thought I'd share a few of the lessons I've learned on this journey. 

1. You are enough. A friend of mine recently said she'd thought about starting a blog. She hasn't, but she should. I don't know what her reason for not starting is, but I can clearly remember my own doubts before beginning this journey. I wondered if anyone would like what I wrote about. Would I find my voice? Would people think I was stupid or too into myself? The worries were there, but so was the need to connect. At the time, I had a brand new baby and I needed communication with someone...anyone. I needed it enough to take that first step. I haven't spent a great deal of time reaching out to my readers (partly because of those same fears), but I have learned that even if no one reads or likes my work it is enough. It is from the heart, it is real and it is me. And I am enough.

2. You will have readers. I began with my mom being my only reader. She faithfully commented and at times I felt like she really was the only one. Then I looked at my stats. I saw that I had hundreds of readers and felt encouraged enough to continue on. Years later, and tens of thousands of page views later and this humble little blog is still chugging on. 

3. You will have more readers if you blog regularly. Pick a schedule and stick to it. The most read blogs have 5+ posts per week. They spend time commenting on other blogs, they work their blog like a job. You don't need to live, breathe and eat blogs to have a great one. But you do need to write. I've gone through periods of silence and I've lost traction each and every time. Sure I have a few readers that check me daily (hi mom!), but other than some pinterest referrals, I lose the masses. And then I slowly work to build it back up. But just imagine where this would be if I didn't have to work to build it back up from scratch each time. 

4. You have to choose your why. Why are you wanting to write a blog? Are you a new mom needed help and comedic relief on your journey? Are you a business trying to add a blog on the side? Do you want it for personal or business means? This little blog successfully helped me launch and drive traffic to my etsy store. A little over a year ago, on a whim I listed some vintage children's clothing on etsy and wrote about it here. The store has been on vacation because of the multiple moves our family made this past year, but it's got me thinking about my own "why?". 
In the future, I want to use this blog to show family, friends, and readers I've not yet met what I'm working on. 

5. You will need to explain blogs and blogging to many. Just smile and tell them the "what" and "why". And know, not everyone will get it. That's okay because others will. 

6. You have to "just keep swimming" Until you decide to close down the blog, keep putting one word in front of another. Or, in the words of Dory in Finding Nemo, "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming." Find the posts that you like to write. Find the posts that your dear readers like to read. And keep on keeping on. 


Thanks, dear readers for your time and attention to our journey. I love having you along for the ride.

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  1. As your number 1 fan, I have to say, I really have enjoyed the thoughts and insights you have shared ----didn't know it has been for 4 yrs!----- you make me smile, Sarah. You have encouraged me with your musings. Love you, Sarah!


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