Wednesday, November 19, 2014

three thing I know to be true/ being a mama

1. Embrace change.
I remember holding my newborn Dean and thinking "How am I ever going to figure him out?" 
Then I buckled down and made some lists and schedules. Because surely if I just made the right lists and schedules, I'd master this mom thing in no time. Three days later daylight savings time happened. And my world was rocked. BIG TIME.That was my first official schooling in the concept of rolling with it as a mama.

Every milestone we'd hit, I had the option to approach with fear and worry or excitement. It's a choice we get to make over and over again. Now, two cross country moves, multiple childcare settings and more than a few milestones later and I'm still working on the balance between scheduling/list making and rolling with it. 

2. Gather a tribe.
Truth: I don't like to ask for help. At all. And with all of our moves, I haven't had a steady group of girlfriends to rely on every step of the way. But the times, I've had regular play dates have been the best. Because even if we don't like to ask for help, we all need it. 

We need resources, we need friends, and we need our virtual community to help us make it through the mundane, the really hard, the scary, and the down right fabulous. Which leads me to my next truth.

3. Celebrate the good!
So, often it seems that we focus on the hard. Because,'s hard. The nitty gritty moments are tricky and guilt filled and worrisome. But the good are there too, and if we don't celebrate them nobody will.
My littles are making goals, they are building their character and they are adding to our family each and every day. Let's remind them of that! 

It doesn't take more than a private thumbs up or a big praise moment over a shared meal. They are rad, little humans who are struggling to grow and they're picking themselves up after mistakes and moving on. Oh to be little again. The resiliency is stinking admirable. 

Keep on, keeping on, mamas!

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