Monday, November 24, 2014

road trip: South Haven and Holland, Michigan

I remember heading over to Michigan for vacation time when I lived in Chicago.
Lots of folks there used the western coastline of Michigan as an easy getaway.

When a girlfriend of mine had her wedding reception in Kalamazoo a few years back, we loaded up a little Dean and had a weekend trip, including a day at the beach. 
I wasn't prepared for how much I'd like the place. 
I wasn't prepared for the draw that it'd have to me. 

After living (brief as it was) in California, my need for water and beach are very real. 
And Michigan offers the look and feel of the ocean with lazy, cozy lakeside towns for a lot less than a trip to the Pacific. 

This trip, we camped. 
We played on playgrounds and we played in the water for hours. 
We met up with two other couples and some kiddos. 
And I'm not going to lie...we were exhausted going into the trip.
The husband was working way too many hours at the time. 
And it rained us out on the second night. 
Our tents took on water. 
D took the kids to the van and "slept" there. 
I learned that I am not a naturalist. 
I really like my bed folks. 
Like a lot. 
And I don't like being woken up to cold, wet rain all over the place. 
But the beach, I love.

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