Monday, November 17, 2014

road trip: louisville

15 years ago, I graduated high school.
This past summer, I went home for a small, casual reunion. 
My folks came out to watch the kids and D and I made plans through airbnb to stay the night in Louisville.

Our trip out started a little rocky. 
D was tired.
I had super high expectations.
But we both extended olive branches, love, and forgiveness.

How do you solve marriage quarrels/fights?
I once read Pioneer Woman say something to the effect of always reaching her feet over in bed to snuggle in with her hubby.
D and I literally say "Here's my olive branch."
It's not a sorry, but it is a way to bridge frustrating conversations and get both of us ready to forgive and forget. 

Anywho, back to the fun at hand. 

Man, I'd missed this town. 
Not interested in moving back, but being there for a day was a lot of fun. 
coffee and talking (without littles running around!) at Please and Thank You

dinner and beer at Come Back Inn

a seriously happy couple

friends catching up!

We were able to catch up with our church family at Sojourn New Albany on Sunday morning.
If you're ever in the Louisville or Southern Indiana area, check them out for a church to worship with.
It was just two days and one night, but we were able to walk away with smiles. 

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