Sunday, November 16, 2014

good gravy, this is rad

It's been awhile folks.
Last time I blogged, September was on it's way here.
We've had some more changes.
Some are worth sharing and some aren't.

I started working.

And then I gave my notice.
Our kid's preschool (which had been open for 14 plus years) closed.
D and I made an effort to find childcare.
We put ourselves on a waiting list. 
And then after lots of prayer and avoiding the decision for years...
I came home.
I am now full time mama, full time Sarah, and full time wife.

Right after I gave my notice...

D was let go from his job.

My first thought was HOORAY! and then I checked in with him and his thought was also HOORAY!
What a blessing to be out of the contract he was in and able to move on to a new position at a new company.
Albeit, a tad scary to have both of us without jobs. 

This is the tired D I was used to seeing...falling asleep on vacation.
The really awesome news is that God provided.
As He always does.
The difference is...this time we were watching and waiting with hope-filled eyes for that path He placed us on. 

And then it happened...Dustin got an offer. Then another. And a third. 
And the third time was the charm.

It is a dream position.
He'll be working on the weekend, mid shift, and they're paying for his MBA.
And it doesn't start for a few more weeks. 

Meaning this family is healing.
We're repairing our weary souls with time...quality time. 
Time to love, time to finish up some projects, time to have some adventures.


Glorious, time.

I am, in the meantime, focusing on setting up a in-home childcare business.
I'm here with the kids, starting their preschool curriculum, and trying to dig into their lives.
There was about a week of transition that was a little painful, but now...we're experiencing the sweet stuff.
The fruit we're reaping is big, lush and wonderful.
Kids are learning, kids are growing, tantrums are lessening, responsibility is increasing.

God is so good for giving us these hard and at times completely scary moments. 
I will be sharing more details in the future as I feel led to do so 
In the meantime, I'm back.
The blog is such an important creative discipline that I've missed for weeks. 
With everything we were going through the past few months, I haven't felt like jumping back on was the right thing to do then.
But I'm ready now.
Time to play a little catch up and then move always I've got so much to share!

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