Wednesday, August 6, 2014

glamping, yo

We are headed to the woods for an adventure soon.
I can't help but hope it'll be a stylish adventure.
Like this...
Glamping / glamping

Minus the dog. I'm not really a dog person, you know.  No, I'm not getting my expectations too high.
I'll take this too...
Yes, we are taking the kids.
No, we will get no sleep.
Yes, it will be rad. 

Rather than digging out the gear and checking to see if we have holes in the tents, I've been dreaming about how it'll look and feel. 
Enter pinterest and search terms "stylish camping" or "glamping" or "camp fashion"
It'll help you know what I'm shooting for. 
Wait, what's that? 
You're not supposed to care how you look when you camp?
Umm...I guess I'll need to turn in my girl scout badges stat.
Since I'm doubting you lovely readers will do this, here's two more gems I'll leave you with.
What To Wear: Going Camping. bc a cute outfit just might make you forget you haven't showered in five days.

and this one

You should expect pictures sometime this next month or so, and you should know they will include absolutely none of the listed items above. 

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