Wednesday, July 2, 2014

go climb a mountain

It's one of my fave shirts Vivian has. It fits her personality to a T.
But on a day like today when taking a shower feels like a mountain to forces me to seek some perspective. 

The big news is we're in.
In where?
Our home.
I refuse to call it the new house. It's just home. home sweet home 
And you'd think that I'd be all smiles, but apparently that's not how my emotions are working right now.
Truthfully, I feel like I'm waiting for the bottom to fall out. 
I'm also waiting for our household items to be delivered in 14 days whilst we "camp" inside the house.
Oh and I'm tired.
Like bone tired.
With an eye twitch.

 In 2013 and 2014 
We've sold a house.
Moved in with the folks.
Moved into corporate housing. 
Moved into a rental.
Moved into a house.
Rented that house.
Moved into corporate housing.
And moved into a new house.

That's 8 moves in less than one year. 

Wait a second while I catch my breath. 
Did I mention I'm tired?

Oh and I'm a bit moody. Go figure.
I'm also feeling a bit like I lost my "fun" self along the way. 

I want to share my thoughts on moving with little ones. The good, the bad, and the ugly. 
I want to share my thoughts on my my home is wherever my man is. And how we've had to purpose time together to grow and not get lost in the changes. I want to share how God has provided, how he's continuing to provide and how he's shaping me. 
I want to share the thoughts that have been swirling, whirling in my head with no release, but I just don't have it in me right now.
I have all the intentions of writing some posts, but let's be real for a second...I'm working on keeping my head above water and from not losing my cool with the kids (like I did yesterday).

I hate it when bloggers step away from their blogs. I hate clicking on a page and finding the same stinkin post up months later...but dear readers you'll have to bear with me because

Did I mention we're remodeling? 
The entire kitchen is being torn out tomorrow...

Our new non-pinteresty menu will be the following: cereal and/or yogurt with granola for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, and something heated up or cooked in the crockpot for dinner. 
I get that this funk I'm in is a first world problem, but I'd welcome prayers. 

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