Monday, June 2, 2014


We're here.
We've been here for two+ weeks now and it's taken me this long to put into words how it feels.
And then I realized it today...

moving (cross country moving) feels like the newborn haze.

That hazy, "what day is it again?" feeling.
The hazy, "where do I go from here and who am I again?" feeling
The discombobulated feelings of time changes, weather changes, kiddo changes, husband work changes, and self changes.
All kinds of changes.
All the while trying (sometimes desperately) to feel "normal" for the kids, for the husband and for yourself.

Today, I feel like I'm living in the world of newborn haze.
But the good new (great news really) is that we mamas know that adjustment will come.
Maybe not on our schedule...

Someday (soon I hope) I'll be uploading pictures galore, but until then know I'm in Kentucky working on surviving the vertigo. 

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