Friday, May 16, 2014


I'm in the middle of Utah right now. Starting the second day of travel with two kids, three cats and one happily married couple.
We were exhausted yesterday.
Dustin had 0.000 hours of sleep before we headed out.
One of our cats was missing in action when we were ready to leave.
And the miles of "dips" in the highway put my bonine to the test.
But we're still here and still smiling.
Day two starts with gusto!

Until we get in, I'll be sticking up some previously drafted posts.


An article was making its way around facebook awhile back about letting our children play in real play places. 
Forgoing the premade, rubber padded playgrounds of our era.
I'm not going to pretend we don't take our kids to the playgrounds.
We do.
But we also let them explore it at their pace.
Read this for a refresher on what I think about playground play.
We also encourage them to climb up the slides.
And we offer them pure, unaltered messes to play in too.
How no one maimed themselves, got a nail puncture wound or large splinter in this play area is beyond me. 
But they didn't.
They were wild, free, and full of life in this mess of a backyard and it was the only silver lining I had with the reno.

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