Monday, May 5, 2014

sometimes you have to ::roll:: with it

I did what I normally don't have time to do...I researched things to do on a quick day trip to Big Sur and Monterey. Mostly Monterey.
It didn't turn out like I planned.
::at all::
The beach was freezing.
The "sand" was large pebbles.
It hurt like heck to walk on them. 
For real.
As in seriously grumpy mama.
I was so busy complaining about dying on the beach to enjoy the beauty in the moment. 
When I downloaded these pics, I saw it for the first time.
It was painful, but full of beauty!!

After the beach, we loaded the kids in for exploring Monterey's downtown area.
It was a tourist trap.
It wasn't my jam.
And it didn't end well.
I'm going back to my go with the flow explorations.
Low expectations coupled with an attitude of surprise and wonder makes our travels significantly better. 

up next: 30,000 pics of the infamous painful beach

::all kinds of painful::

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