Thursday, April 3, 2014

the business of blogging

Most of the fine folks I read on a daily/semi-daily basis make money from their blogs.
It is either their job or a part of their job.
Like this duo

John and Sherry

this lady

Katie Bower

and this one too

Meg Duerksen

Let me clarify: blogging is not my job or anything close to resembling a job.
With that said I ::love:: to hear
how others do what they're doing with their blogs.
I find the process completely fascinating.
I also like to watch makeup hauls and what's inside my purse videos on youtube.
Don't judge.

One of my favorite bloggers: Elise from enjoy it 
uses her blog as the marketing platform for her business ventures
she just launched a regular podcast series yesterday
it's another venue for her thoughts on all things crafts, business, and craft business

I think it's rad.

Episode 3 of her new series is titled
"Developing an editorial calendar for your blog"
I listened and thought it was good, but also I felt a bit uncomfortable because I learned
<<<i don't do what the cool kids do.>>>

I don't post daily (although I like to have regular posts).
I do often prep posts in advance, but I've not ever mapped out a calendar...yet.

Here's what a "typical" blogging week looks like to me
I take a ton of photos. 
Just ask D.
A ten minute event can get me 100+ photos.
I allow a few more blogable moments(aka: dinner, park, play time, art, trip, etc.) to happen before I carve out a chunk of time to download approx. 400+ photos to the computer. 
I pick and choose what pics I like best and delete the ones I don't.
I edit the chosen photos in picmonkey
<<then I rest>>

It takes a lot of work to get to that part of the stage.
So, I usually walk away from the blog for a day or two until I can find the time to get to the next step.

During that next chunk of time, I open up new posts in my blogger dashboard and load pictures for the post.
I save the post without an words.
Sometimes without a title.
And later (when I have another good chunk of time) I write the posts.

At any given time, I like to have 4+ drafted/semi-drafted posts waiting in queue with the goal of pulling from the banked posts to maintain some sort of regularity.

Here's why I'm clearly not sitting with the cool kids at lunch:
Because I have the posts available, I tend to be overly eager and often publish more than one per day.
This depletes my stocked posts quickly and causes me to lose any possibility of a routine posting schedule which I would have if I had some self control an editorial calendar.

Maybe someday I'll learn how to play it cool...or not.

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  1. Well, I for one, think your blog is "cool", but then I've always thought your musings were fantastic even years ago when emailing was the thing to do--- and now that you have pictures to go with them, even better. Keep calm, and write on....... Love you, Sarah!


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