Sunday, April 27, 2014

let's go on an adventure

As a mama, I wear many hats...especially on Saturdays when showers are low on my list and getting out the door to explore with the family is high.
This day was chilly.
The skies were clear and the wind was a bit nippy so we packed the kids in the car and headed to Columbia State park in the foothills and up to Strawberry in the mountains. 
It was a long and lovely day.
There was...
flower picking

old town exploring

picture taking of sister and

of big brother

There were lots of questions.

sunshine bathing

and troubadors playing

Dean was literally as happy as a kid in a candy shop.

They each got one piece from the store. Here's their before.

and moments later

We happened upon a wedding at an old school house.


After the state park, we decided to drive as far into the mountains as we could without chains on our tires. The kids were asleep and we were allowed time for conversations and oohs and ahs at all the snow. It was deep! 
We turned around when the road closed and headed back to one of our favorite spots in the mountains to grab a gourmet wood fired pizza and hard cider...Mia's.

Vivian was thrilled to be awake, out of the car, and into a puddle.

this is her "a little rough around the edges" post nap look and it was taken right before a time out happened 

losing his patience...ready for the snow play we promised

we headed to the back of the parking lot and had a snow ball fight

Long live Saturday family adventures!

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