Monday, April 28, 2014

it's been a heck of a journey

Let me start by saying this project was all D.
I did nothing.
He asked me what I wanted.
I said, "grass".
He made it happen.
Did it take awhile?
Was it a bigger project than either of us realized?
Are we done getting dumpsters delivered to our house?

When we first walked through the house, we casually said to our realtor, 
"Oh, we'll rip that nasty deck out."
Like it was a casual (aka easy breezy) thing to do.
It wasn't, but I'm thrilled we he did.
Here's the deck on the day we took possession of the house.

Our "yard" was mostly deck. Approximately 3/4 deck.

First came demo.
He stopped that day when he broke the axe handle.

This was our view from the dining room table for awhile.
Rain plus other things (think fun things) to do delayed us a bit. 
With less than a month to go before an Easter family event, he dug back in. Literally.
Then came the tilling and the prepping of the ground (manure and pete moss).

My brave girl reached for my hand. I had to document it. 

watching "the show"
D had lots of "helpers" that day.

D hired a neighborhood kid to help him lay the sod.
He watered and mowed it on a schedule.
And now it looks like this.
Collective sigh of relief.

You can see a glimpse of it from the living room, but more importantly is what you can't see...a huge rotting deck or a freaking disaster area of splinters, boards, pipes, wire fencing, etc.
 Loving the new yard, D. 
Thank you husband for your hard work and your vision. 
You've literally made my dreams come true.
P.S. Thank you for not installing astro turf.

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