Thursday, March 27, 2014

reduce, reuse, recycle

One of my long time favorite bloggers offered this tutorial on her site.
If you haven't read Carissa from brown eyed fox...stop what you're doing and head there now. You'll thank me later.
Her perspective is always inspiring!
Anyhoo, I had a shirt I once loved that met its demise via bleach.
I tried pairing it with one of my hundreds of cardigans, but it was a no go.
So, like any (wanna be) hoarder crafter I squirreled it away in my craft box for an opportunity to turn it into a necklace
This could not have been any easier to make, and it's literally impossible to "mess up" because it's childs play. For real. 
Reminder this is the inspiration:
Carissa's tutorial recommended using sharp scissors to cut the shirt into approx. 1 inch strips. No need to measure here, just eyeball it. 
Please note that I used kid scissors and they worked just fine. 

After you've cut all of your strips, give them a gentle stretch. 

You may want all of your strands to be the same length, but I loved the layered look in the original tutorial. Choose a few pieces to play with the length. I snipped the loop of 3 strands and moved them around until I liked how they fell. 
Using some leftover fabric, tie the top in a knot. You could wrap a strand around it several times to clean up the look, but it was late and this was all the attention I gave the securing of the strands.

Note to self: Don't wear a grey tshirt necklace against a grey tshirt. 
I added the hairbow I'd just made Vivi for some extra oompf, but I've worn it plain as well.
If you follow me on instagram @sarahalsey you may have noticed that Carissa commented on a pic I posted last week. If you think that I remained calm and didn't have to tell myself to "play it cool" with my'd be wrong.  
Such fun!

Here's how I told D about my instagram fun later that day:
Sarah: I talked with a blogger I ::love:: today.
D: Did she call you?
Sarah: No.
D: Oh.

I'd fall on my sword for that man (probably before it was necessary and without my knowing that a deal had been brokered to save his life...), but this whole blog, instagram, pinterest not his thing.
And I like it like that.

Have you made anything super duper easy lately?
My craft box is calling me...

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