Wednesday, March 5, 2014

polka dotted giving tree and NKOTB

I've pinned a couple of pics that I haven't been able to get out of my mind
Tutorial for DIY Heart Tree. Plus other ideas for cute, cheap DIY Valentine's Decorations.

and I really like this one
girls room // Binti Home Blog: Modern and etnic home in the Netherlands

Do you see a theme?
I hearted the branches and the hearts. I gave it a Sarah twist with polka dots, vintage ribbon, vintage planter and some sentimental scrap fabric
Keep reading to see how I made this polka dotted, vintage giving tree for Vivi

Materials used:
fallen branches (clean off dead leaves)
spray paint (optional: you could paint the branches prior to assembly)
floral oasis
 decorative vase
knife to cut the oasis
fist sized rock from yard to anchor the vase
paper hearts- I dobbed red, orange and pink bingo dobbers on copy paper prior to cutting out the freehanded heart shapes
not pictured- ribbon, scrap fabric, hot glue gun

 step one, one, one we can have lots of fun.
Sorry, even though it's been 20 plus years I always turn instructions into a NKOTB flashback
for real though
cut the oasis to fit the vase- fill it up, but try to keep it level with the top of the vase and make sure you use enough it's snug. You don't want your branches to sway.

 stick branches deep into the oasis- if little hands begin assisting take some cleansing breaths and roll with it.

 if you follow me on instagram @sarahalsey, you know that this led to a bloody finger and lots of tears
PSA: Don't let your kids play with sharp scissors. You're welcome.

 Randomly hot glue the hearts to the branches.
The only thing to keep in mind is which direction is the front facing side because the hearts are one dimensional.
I love seeing the metallic streamers in trees around here. So, I found some vintage ribbon, cut it in approx. 4 inch length and tied them to the tree as well.

 big mess in the end, but quick clean up
 And here it is in place.
I waited to add the scrap fabric until after I placed it where I wanted it.
I didn't glue the fabric in, although it would be easy enough to do because I was too lazy to grab another stick for the hot glue gun. Tucking it in seemed to work and because I don't think the kids can reach it I'm not too worried about it.

I'm loving the shadows it casts on the wall.

Quick, easy and cheap not a good combo for a date, but man it takes the cake in the crafting/decor department.

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